The Latent Space

This is a small inclusive space for machine learning practitioners, makers and creators.

Twitter and Linkedin are a shouting match, so let's create a community together where we can discuss these things in a less self-aggrandizing way.

I want to talk about sustainability, AI, and creating. Building a place for people that like to get things done and make the world a more kind place.

What's inclusive here?

I myself am queer and neurodivergent. I try to embody feminist and black-inclusive values, but those aren't my identity, so I educate myself and implement them as best as I can.

That obviously means we'll have a strong code of conduct and moderation to make this a relaxed space for historically marginalized communities.

What's machine learning here?

Whether you want to talk about machine learning, recommender systems, data science AI, chatGPT, or the ethics of all of it, this is the space.

Whether you like to enthusiastically share things you found or engage in deep discussions about the impact of new developments. This should be a place for both. Just a place for "the normal stuff". The things below the hype.

The things, when we distil them down.

The Latent Space

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